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Team classes-
Please respect the skill level rules posted on the classes page. Anyone protested and verified as breaking these restrictions will be disqualified. No exceptions.

Be alert all the time, follow the green arrows to access great places to watch the races and ask any RFGP staff if you have questions. DO NOT cross the course with any vehicle and safely cross when walking.

We encourage you to use the online pre-entry which is now tied directly to the AXC Racing Mototally database so all your info will be entered soon as you sign up. You can then just bring your helmet to get your transponder scanned in and not wait in the same line as those entering on race day.

Bobby Southard Ironman Award (BSIA)-
The newest addition to the RFGP is the Bobby Southard Ironman Award. This guy overalled the first RFGP back in 1995 and hasn't missed one yet! One Year a lonnng time ago he and some friends showed up late on Saturday and asked if they could do a few practice laps with their lights and our annual night race was born! Bobby has raced more RFGP events over the past 23 years than any other rider so we felt it was quite fitting to name the new Ironman Award after him!
So here's the deal...all you have to do is race 2 or more events during the weekend and your points will be averaged for a overall total. Just go to the link on the classes page to register. No extra cost to enter, we just need your name on the list.The top three Ironman award finishers will receive custom engraved cups with your name shipped to you after the event. Points will be assigned as follows: 1st- 20, 2nd- 18, 3rd-17, 4th- 16, 5th- 15 and on down to 0. Sunday race will be used for a tie breaker! Sign up on the classes and sign up page!
We will be working very hard this year to reduce class sandbagging at RFGP to help make sure everyone has a great time!
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